KidsCan Ambassador

We are hugely grateful to our KidsCan Ambassador Jordan Watson - How-to-Dad. With his heartfelt help we’ve been able to reach into the community and achieve a profile and impact that would not otherwise be possible.

Jordan Watson - How-to-DAD

Jordan Watson, of How to DAD internet fame, has garnered a worldwide following for his videos on subjects from “How to Hold a Baby” to “How to Run in Jandals.” Now he will use his social media platform to help tackle child poverty, too.

The father-of-three says he approached KidsCan about working with the charity because he knows his followers - including 1.9 million on Facebook and 404,000 on Youtube - can help change the lives of Kiwi kids in hardship. Watson says it “blows his mind” that 254,000 Kiwi kids are now growing up in poverty.