Back to school without the basics

Back to school without the basics

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hundreds of New Zealand children living in poverty will start their school year unable to fully engage in getting a good education. 

They will walk through the school gates with little or no food to sustain them during the day, inappropriate or inadequate clothing, and without shoes which will prevent them joining in activities with their classmates.

 “Children really look forward to starting school and it is so important their basic needs are met so they are able to participate in class,” says KidsCan Charitable Trust Founder and CEO Julie Chapman (nee Helson). “It’s tragic that so many New Zealand children are living in deprivation, falling behind and suffering low self esteem because their families simply do not have enough money to make ends meet”.

 “Sadly, missing out on the basics over time can lead to a lifelong pattern of isolation and under achievement which affects New Zealand as a whole”.

 For the past six years KidsCan has been working in low decile schools to support the less fortunate children with sponsored programmes to meet their physical and nutritional needs.  Currently KidsCan supports 207 low decile schools throughout New Zealand providing raincoats, shoes, socks, and food but needs an additional 3,000 sponsors for children to be able to continue that support this year. 

The Trust is encouraging caring Kiwis to join its ‘In Our Own Back Yard’ child sponsorship programme by donating $15 a month. This provides a child on need with a raincoat, pair of shoes, socks and food at school for a year. 100 per cent of monthly donations made going to the disadvantaged children in the area of your choice.

“We hear many sad stories of what children in living poverty have to face on a daily basis,” says Julie Chapman (nee Helson). “But the good news is there is now a way for people to make a tangible contribution to their education and well being”. 

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