KidsCan government funding to continue for 12 months

KidsCan government funding to continue for 12 months

Thursday, May 17, 2018

KidsCan is delighted by the government’s acknowledgement of the crucial work the charity is doing in schools around New Zealand to help children in material hardship.

“We are relieved that the funding we have received over the past two years will remain at the same level for the next 12 months,” says Julie Chapman, Founder and CEO of KidsCan.

The $350,000 was announced this afternoon in the government’s first budget since taking the helm late last year. It has been an anxious time for KidsCan staff and schools over the past few months waiting to hear if funding will continue.

The charity currently offers programmes into 709 schools, with a further nine schools joining this term and while the waiting list is shorter than 12 months ago, there are still children and schools waiting to receive KidsCan food, shoes, raincoats and health and hygiene items.

Julie Chapman is extremely heartened about the continuation of funding for a further year and says ultimately, it’s the children who need the most assistance who will benefit.

“We are out in these communities every day and while the government’s decision is most certainly welcome it means business as usual for KidsCan. We are still a charity dedicating each and every day to providing the basics to Kiwi kids in need so they can get into the classroom in a position to learn,” she says.

“We are fortunate that we don’t rely solely on government funding and that there are a lot of caring Kiwis who sign up to sponsor a child to help us provide the basics. This extension of government funding means we can continue to offer the same level of help to needy kids and plan for future initiatives.

“We’re now looking forward to, with the help of New Zealanders, keeping focused on clearing schools from our waiting list as soon as we’re able.”