Single mums busts myths about poverty and parenting

Single mums busts myths about poverty and parenting

Monday, March 18, 2019

In New Zealand, it's not uncommon for young kids to attend kindergarten or daycare without having breakfast and bringing a packed lunch – around 27 per cent of Kiwi kids are living in income poverty, according to the Child Poverty Monitor from 2017.

However, despite the commonality of this issue, there are many misconceptions surrounding poverty in New Zealand. Many cite poor budgeting skills, reckless spending and lack of initiative as reasons some parents are unable to provide enough food for their children attending early childhood education.

For the past two months, KidsCan's new pilot program has been helping Anne West Kindergarten in Kaitaia feed their young students. With fresh ingredients delivered from Countdown and sandwiches provided by Subway, the program is ensuring children don't go hungry.

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