• Over 1 in 4 Kiwi kids live in hardship
    Over 1 in 4 Kiwi kids live in hardship

Hardship in New Zealand


What is life like for the over 254,000 children growing up in hardship in New Zealand?

You probably live in a cold, overcrowded house that makes you sick. You experience food insecurity on a regular basis, going without breakfast and sometimes lunch several days a week. Your parents either struggle on a benefit that is too low to cover your rent, food and power, or they work long hours for minimum wage and you never see them. It means missing out on the things your peers enjoy like sport, pre-school and school trips, and birthday parties.

You do not get the start in life you need and deserve. You don’t get the essentials, so you miss out on the opportunity to fulfil your potential. Long term, it means you are likely to get sick more often, to do worse at pre-school and school, to be unemployed, have low self-worth and when you are an adult your children are also more likely to live in hardship.

Education is a major route out of hardship, but currently in New Zealand there is a strong link showing children that come from lower socio economic backgrounds have poorer educational outcomes.

KidsCan is a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves, bringing into focus what life is like for children living in hardship in New Zealand. We believe our practical approach to alleviating hardship has significantly increased Kiwis’ sense of personal responsibility to ensure children ‘In Our Own Backyard™’ have the opportunity of brighter futures.

 Source: Child Poverty Monitor: 2019 Technical Report