• "I can't stress enough just what an amazingly positive difference you make to their lives," Teacher

Schools Programme

Education equals opportunity. At KidsCan we believe by levelling the playing field, children whose families are struggling will have the same opportunity to learn as others. It's all about providing a hand up!


How it works

We work in partnership with low decile schools throughout New Zealand to deliver essential items their students would otherwise go without. By working directly with Schools we're able to reach the students most in need of our support, ensuring they are fed, warm and healthy so they can focus on learning.


What we're delivering

Food for Kids 

The Food for Kids programme provides food to thousands of kids every day, items such as; Tip Top bread, Easiyo yoghurt, Spreads, Baked Beans, Supergrain bars, Fruit, Scroggin and Hot Meals in Winter. Teachers have told us this programme has had a remarkable effect on improving learning ability and concentration levels in class. 

Shoes for Kids

Many children either have no shoes, or they’re in bad condition. We want to ensure kids go to school whatever the weather.  The KidsCan Shoes for Kids programme provides free quality footwear and socks to protect their feet, and ensure they can go to school whatever the weather. 

Raincoat for Kids

When it's wet and cold many children don’t go to school, while others arrive wet and freezing, unable to concentrate and at high risk of illness. Thousands of Kiwi kids don’t have a raincoat. The Raincoat for Kids programme ensures that more children have this basic item. The children love their raincoats and we provide these universally to improve equality in the playground.

Health for Kids

Children living in poverty are more susceptible to health problems which can impact their ability to learn.  The Health for Kids programme provides schools with products to help prevent health issues, from basic provisions through to head lice treatment and feminine hygiene products. We’re working to reduce this barrier to education by improving health across schools in New Zealand.



Feedback from our schools and the kids