School FAQ's

Where is our food?  Doesn't it usually arrive by now?

We have shifted our food distributions to earlier in the term - we pack orders with our volunteers in weeks 1 and 2.  Provided that you have ordered on time, your school will receive its order in weeks 1 or 2.


We’ve run out of food at our school, what do we do?

Contact the KidsCan school programme staff – if we have food available, we will send an additional parcel out.  This is a great opportunity to update KidsCan about any changing needs – if you are feeding more students, or have changed the way you provide food at your school.


What about weetbix and milk?  How do we order that?

Weetbix and milk are provided through Sanitarium and Fonterra, as part of their KickStart breakfast programme.  You will need to contact them directly to order this. 

KidsCan Food For Kids provides partner schools with non-perishable food items that can be distributed as best fits the school, students, and staff. This includes Tasti bars, scroggin, fruit pottles, EasiYo sachets, baked beans, and spreads for bread. 


When is the next food distribution?

Food orders are distributed in the 1st and 2nd weeks of each term. 


We missed out on getting rain jackets this year, what should I do?

Our jackets and shoes are now distributed daily. Please simply order as and when you need them.  No need to stock up at the school, we will simply send them to you overnight if we have stock on hand.


We’ve never participated in the Shoes For Kids programme – how does it work?

Shoes are generally a targeted distribution within the school.  In some schools, the teachers will measure students for shoes and report needed sizes to the KidsCan coordinator for the school. In other schools, they order a representative range of sizes and will distribute shoes on a case by case basis via their SWIS worker, school nurse, or administrative staff. 

The size chart is here (please note, this must be printed on A3 paper).


Our school got yogurt sachets, but it just doesn’t seem to be turning out right. What should I do?

EasiYo has some tips and tricks to share.


I heard from our public health nurse that KidsCan provided nit treatments to another school. Is this something we can also access?

Absolutely – KidsCan has numerous health items that we have started to source based on input from our partner schools. These include:

  • Tissues
  • Plasters
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Nit treatment and combs
  • Sanitary items

There is a health needs order form available through the portal. You can find it here.


We have hand sanitiser wall units of Byo-One installed through KidsCan.  How do we get refills?

Refills for hand sanitiser are also on the health needs order form. These are provided at no cost to the school.


We’re changing the person in charge of coordinating with KidsCan, what should we do?

Contact the KidsCan team so we can update the email log-in for the school and ensure that we continue supplying kids with the food, shoes, and jackets they need to arrive at school prepared to learn. Email address is [email protected]


We have an early childhood education site on our campus - are they eligible to join KidsCan?

We are currently focused on supporting decile 1-4 schools at the Y1-Y13 levels.  We have limited funding and need to ensure that we are supporting our current schools, and are able to honour our commitment to support additional schools meeting those criteria.  Long term, ECE programmes may be an area that we look at expanding into.


I want to give KidsCan a product donation, how do I do that?

If you have a new product which you would like to donate or provide as a auction/raffle or prize to raise funds for KidsCan, please complete this form